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Profence Safety Fence



With simple and functional basic structure, both high strength and workability are compatible.It can be used for many purposes, such as protective fences to secure workers' safety, partitions taking security into account

 Designed considered for safety
  • JIS B 9718(ISO13857)
  • Mesh width 20mm×height 100mm
    Safety distance of the opening of the mesh is 120mm
  • The distance space between the ground
    and the bottom of the panel is 100mm
  • The screw of the panel is hard to remove
    from the aisle side
  • The longitude wire of the mesh is facing the aisle,
    therefore it is difficult to climb over the fence.
  • Yellow color of the post is for caution,
    the black color of the panel is to see inside easily.
    These two coloring makes clear visibility.

To Install and set Safety Fence according to JISB 9718 (ISO13857) Safety of machinery - Safety distances to prevent hazard zonesbeing reached by uppe r and lower limbs (ISO 13857:2008)
JIS B 9718:2013 (ISO 13857:2008) 

Structure made to easily install and recombine.

・To install,hook the slit of the panel to the screws on the post
・Able to adjust the height by the joint of the post and the lower bracket.


The joint of the lower bracket has an oval hole which makes the adjusting able by loosening the screws and by moving the post upwards/downwards.

adjusting height:10mm


The structure of the post is made in a way the panel can be installed in 3 ways.straight, L-shaped, t-sharped, 135degrees


Basic Module

5 types of height ,10 types of width, 3types of 135 dgrees





Hinged door

5types of height,2types of width,choose from right /left handle, inwards/outward openning。


Sliding door

3types of height,3types of width,choose right / left handle