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Load Monitor N800

N800 LoadControler

The N800 is a full-featured load monitor that interfaces with load sensors to provide force measurement for press protection and quality control.


      • ・4 channel load monitoring

      • ・Reverse load 

      • ・LCD graphic display with back-lighting
           5-digit LED display for each channel
        ・Menu-driven user interface
        ・Load signatures
        ・2 shutdown relays (Top-Stop and E-Stop)
        ・100 job storage
        ・One RS422 serial port
        ・PressNet Software compatible
        ・Compact dust-proof enclosure

        ・2 channel and 8 channel models
        ・Mounting bracket for angle viewing
        ・Resolver input for CCM (Critical Curve Monitoring)
        ・24VDC power input
        ・2 additional RS422 serial ports


Digital display


Display becomes 5 digits, corresponding to kN display from tonnage display.
It has the function of connecting 2 to 4 load sensors and displaying all the loads and total loads of each channel at once.
The liquid crystal display displayed at the center position of the front of the main unit displays the waveform of the load each time. 

Dispay of Waveform

You can see the forming load as a waveform
4 channel 
a waveform of double action press
 Reverse Load  
A waveform of breakthrough:
The waveform in the minus direction is displayed.

Critical carve monitor


It is an indispensable item for mold production personnel.
As an option, we can installed a critical curve monitor which can attach the resolver to the driving part and memorize and display the load at every crank angle.


By utilizing this function it is possible to accurately positionalize overloads with small load and display the load.






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