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Admiral AX Safety Light Curtain


Admiral AX Features

1.Admiral AX series is an area sensor with 2~4 optical axis.  By using the corner mirror, it protects the dangerous area of 2-3 sides.  Smoothly protects the dangerous areas of the processing machine, robots, and automatic presses.
2.Long detection distance  maximum 18m (long distance specification 60m)
Standard type detection distance 6-18m
Long distance type (LR) detection distance 22-60m
3.Secures safety by 2 channel cross check system.
4.Response speed 6ms
5.Safe protection of 2~3 sides, multiple sides by corner mirrors and columns.
6.Restart interlock
7.Meets international standards (type 4)
   Meets EN, IEC standard (61496-1,2etc), BIA, TV passed
8.Easy installation by independent stand
9.Automatic press safety measures were mandated by revision of occupational safety regulations in July.


Admiral Selection

The standard type is the 3 optical axis, and there are also 2 optical axis and 4 optical axis type.  Please choose according to the protection contents.  The effective distance is the 18m type and the long distance specification, 10~60m type.  Corner mirror is necessary for 2~3 sides protection.  Installation position must be kept at safety distance.  

Admiral AX
Number of beams 2 3 4
Beam Picth 500mm 400mm 300mm
Response time 6ms  6ms 6ms
Sensor length 711mm 1011mm 1111mm

Reset Function

When the worker’s body shields the beam, the output is turned OFF, and the OFF state will be maintained.  To reset, the worker needs to go outside the protection range and after confirming safety, he needs to press the reset switch outside the protection range to resume work.

Detection distance

Detection distance= A+B+C ≦ 60m
By using the mirror column, the admiral will expand the protection area.
But by using the mirror, the detection capability distance of the sensor decreases 15%. 

Multiple side protection
by using the mirror, the maximum detection capability distance of the sensor(60m type)
Two side protection:To 51m(60x0.85=51)

Three side  protection:To 43m(60x0.85x0.85=43.35)
Four side  protection:To 36m(60x0.85x0.85x0.85=36.84)

In case of each side (A,B,C) detection distance  is 10m 
・Two side protection:To 51m  
 10m+10m=20m  It is able to protect.
・Three side  protection:To 43m
 10m+10m+10m=30m  It is able to protect.
・Four side  protection:To 36m
 10m+10m+10m+10m=40m  It is not able to protect.


*Safety Distance
The admiral protects the human body part and the human body entering the dangerous range.  The installation position must keep the safety distance.
The speed of people approaching is 1600mm/s and the additional distance C is 850mm.
The shortest safe distance S to the critical limit point is given by the following formula.
              S=1600 (TI+Ts) + 850  *(TI+Ts): system total delay time
!  Installation notes : Please install the height of the optical axis in compliance with no. 1~4 below.
1.Cannot pass under  2. Cannot invade from above  3. Cannot pass through the two optical axis  4. Cannot jump over



Protection by using the mirror2side 3side

Installation example(Vertically, horizontal,Inclination)



Admiral AX
Number of beams 2 3 4
beam pitch 500mm 400mm 300mm
Responce time 6ms 6ms 6ms
length 711mm 1011mm 1111mm
断面寸法 35×45mm connector M12 connector
Number of beams 2 . 3 . 4 protection structure IP65
beam pitch 500.400.3600mm safety standard IEC/TC61496-1,2 EN61496-1
Power DC24V Responce time 6ms
Detection distance Low range 0-6m High range 1-18m  Long distance type: Low range 10-22m High range 18-60m
display Emitter:Power、Low-High、Test Rceiver:OSSD OFF ON、sensitivity、7segment
control box
Power 100,200VAC Output signal Relay Acontact output、Relay Bcontact output
Responce time 10ms OSSD OFF OSSD OFF SW
Sensor column
Mirror column



Type AX2B8(LR) AX3B8(LR) AX4B8(LR)
Number of beams
beam pitch 500 400 300
Detection height 500 800 900
SEnsor length 711  1011 1111
(A) 701 1001 1101
(B) 610 910 1010
(C) 135
  (D) 81

LR:Long range type

◆Mirror Column
for sensor FMC-B2R FMC-B3R FMC-B4R
A 1000 1200 1330
B 1055 1255 1385

for mirror FMC-S2R  FMC-S3R FMC-S4R
A 1000 1200 1330
B 1055 1255 1385