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This pull-out safety device is a device that pulls a string using the descent movement of the slide and pulls out the worker’s hand with the wrist band out of the danger limit.
Since it performs mechanical interlocking with descent of the slide, it is effective against unexpected fall of the slide.  Although it is a primitive mechanism,  it is a reliable safety device.  The DT/DF type safety device meets the press safety device structural standards and has passed the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Test.


1.Easy to install.
2.Since the hand is pulled by force according to the movement of the press, it is possible to secure safety even in the case of a missing pin, or accidental drops.
3.Less shock on hands.
4.When changing dies, when not working with the press, you can fold arm of the pull-back device, therefore it does not get in the way.

**The pull-out safety devices perform reliable movements, but at the same time it is necessary to adjust strictly.  Especially if you do not adjust the length of the string securely, safety functions may not be able to be exerted at all.  It is very important to adjust the length of the string for each worker.     

Adaptation  Type of Press Machine

Adaptable Press machine
Type Pull-out
Pressure capability Stroke length(mm) Mold size(mm) Bolster depth(mm)
DT-Ⅱ Long size 150~350 1500以下 100~300 1200以下 700以下
DT-Ⅱ small size 150~250 300以下 40~100 800以下 500以下
DF-Ⅱ  Long size 150~350 1500以下 300以下 1200以下 700以下
DF-Ⅱ small size 150~250 300以下 40~100 1200以下 500以下
※SPM  Under120
Rope: nylon  diameter 5mm  break load 176Kg
pull back free play 200mm pull back length 150~350mm 
Pull load of wrist band 64Kg