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KBM-4 Brake Stop Timer for Press machine


  1. Checking a Press Brake Performance accurately by measuring the stopping time ,and slip distance of press machine
  2. Measure the time until the crankshaft or slide stops in units of 1/1000 second from when the stop circuit started operating
  3. Use a precision 1800 pulse rotary encoder for the sensor
  4. Response time of electrical circuit, confirmation of rotation number, correspond to power supply signals of various presses.
  5. Compact and Light Body. Easy to carry!

  Rotary type (R): for mechanical press machine
  Linear type (L): for  hydraulic press machine
  Rotaly ,Linear type(RL): mechanical and hydraulic press machine.





KBM-4 has linear type (L type) used for hydraulic press, rotary type (R type) used for mechanical press, linear type, combined with rotary type (RL type). 
It is compact, lightweight and cheaper in price, and it is a new appearance. 
It is an indispensable inspection equipment for in-house inspector who performs specific self-inspection of press within company.

Usage of Linear type
  • · Fix the linear sensor directly on the slide, convert it to linear motion through the rack.
  • · Hydraulic press · Stop time and inertia fall value of mechanical press are digitally displayed.
  • · It is possible to constantly stop at a given position on the slide and measure the stop performance under uniform conditions.

Usage of Rotary type

  • ・Mount the rotary sensor directly to the rotating part of the crankshaft or rotation angle indicator.
    · Stop time and stop angle of mechanical press are digitally displayed.
    · It is possible to constantly stop the crank at 90 degrees and measure stop performance at all times under uniform conditions.



  Linear Type Rotary Type
Type KBM-4-L KBM-4-R
 Display range  Inertial descending value:
 Stopping Time:0~999ms  Stopping Time:0~999ms 
(contact Capacity AC250V5A) 
Power Supply   (AC100V仕様)  
Operating Temperature    -10~60℃
Power Consumption  10W以下 

Power consumption  DC5V-5%~12V+10%
Power consumption under 80mA
Output phase difference  A B   90±45°
Maximum Rotation speed   6000 r/min
Operating temperture -10~70℃
Pulse 1800P


・Bottom / back mounting foot rubber height 11 mm
・Body weight 3.18 kg