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Scrap Shooter SM Series



1. SM series can also be used  at narrow place where belt conveyor does not enter.
2. Easy to mount, adjust transport speed, can transport and carry small parts.
3. By devising a shooter, you can carry and distribute at the same time.
4. Four types of SM 12, 24, 48, 100 is ready. The numerical value of each type is maximum carrying weight.


SM Series  conveys the scrap and products rhythmically by Air Pressure with back-and-forth movement .It is a compact design,you can set SMseries under a die or a  small place where a belt conveyor can not be set.
No electric power necessary.!
Just by fixing the shooter in the limited space of the main body, the product is transported by a slow forward movement and a rapid retreat motion.
Because of the air and shooter transportation, it is possible to reduce electricity cost and effectively utilize space. It refrains from getting  caught in the belt drive  or causing electric shock hazard.

SM Series is the most important weapon for your production efficiency.
SM series is able to move double or tripple shooter with easy setting 
you can create convey system easily.
Select SM series by Shipping weight

Installation example

Installation example


 It is an example of using two shoots with one air conditioner bare.
The two upper and lower shooters installed on the SM 12, the upper shooter carries scrap and the lower shooter conveys the product.

The SM 12 installed to the outer side of the processing machine, carries scraps and products. If you are in a space where you can insert a shooter, you can carry out products and scraps.

In the case of the SM 100, it is also possible to move multiple shooters at the same time depending on how brackets are attached, as long as it is within maximum transport weight. Also, since the mounting inclination angle is up to 8 degrees, it is also possible to convey the goods upward by pasting a special sheet to the shooter.

Air conveyor operates with only pneumatic pressure.
It carrys products and scraps with vibration and rhythmic movement. By freely designing the size and shape of the tray,even if the belt conveyor doue not enter,it can be transported if it is placed in the tray.

Various applications are possible by devising the shape of the tray. For example,  The SM 100 with a maximum carrying weight of  100 kg can move four trays simultaneously. (it needs to connect with a bracket.) Moreover, if you use a U-shaped tray, you can transport from a high place and hide the conveyor body.
Example 6

Simply puncture a hole in the tray, you can select products and scraps and carry it out. 
If the tray gets longer,it is better to attach a roller to improve the slide of  the tray.



    SM12   SM24  SM48  SM100
 Load Capacity  kg  12  24 48   100
 Air Consumption  L/min  12 32  46  130
 Sound Level db-A 68 68 68 69
 Stroke Length mm 24 25 26 27
Max. Tray Weight  kg  2.9  4.2 5.8   20
 Weight  kg 2.5  4  6.5 18.2
 Recommended Speed  spm 120   110 100   100
 Feed Rate  m/min  8-10  8-10 8-10   8-10
  Air Pressure Range  kg  4.5-5.5  4.5-5.5  4.5-5.5  4.5-5.5
 Nipple of hose  inh  1/4 1/4   3/8  3/8
Installation Bolt  mm M8 M8 M10 M10
Installation Bolt of Shooter  mm M6 M8 M8 M8



Model A B C D E F G  I J K  N O
SM12  200 125 46   90 105  120 40   15  16 30   58  M8 M8 1/4
SM24  215  140 65  100 120  130  42.5  15  20 45 70 M8  M8 1/4
SM48  240  170  78  100  145  140 50  20  26  52 85 M10   M8 3/8
SM100  290  300  102  140  270  180 55  20 35  67 200 M10  M8 3/8