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Load cell with digital indicator

The load measurement is surprisingly easy!
Just by placing the auto cell in the press machine,
Easy to measure for anyone.
With hand trap convenient to carry.
Power supply is battery operated.
Adopted automatic power off mechanism after 5 minutes
Just press start button for operation


No one else manufactures anything like the AutoCell™, a calibration standard load cell with built-in instrumentation for measuring dynamic tonnage applied by metal forming presses. The AutoCell is a self-contained, strain gauge based load cell that is calibrated on equipment traceable to the National Bureau Of Standards and A2LA accredited. Standard digital AutoCells are available in 2K lbs, 10K lbs, or 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 2000 ton capacities.

Calibrations and press checks are now quick and easy. It is no longer necessary to connect load cells to a portable instrument. The AutoCell is one compact, easy-to-use unit without extensive setup, additional instruments or cables. It is easy for anyone to place AutoCells into a press and get immediate tonnage readings for press calibration and testing.
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