1949 Komori Press Manufacturing as a Metal Stamping shop.
1951 Unfortunately, Company had bad injury and set up safety device company and Started to research and develop Press Safety Device.

First Safety Device Approval No.3006 was released by T.Komori.
Now we are providing Total Press Safety Systems not only Global Safety devices but also creative safety Engineering.

April 21
Komori Safety Lab. Co.,Ltd. was established by President T Komori
1956 T.Komori was honored by Labor minister Prize “ZENKO SHO”.
1970 Increase Capital to 10 Million yen.
1974 Increase Capital to 14 Million yen.
1979 Authorized labor Ministry as Press inspection Agency No.RO-26
1983 T.Komori was honored by Government of Japan Prime Minister Prize “NAIKAKU SOURI DAIJIN SHO”.
1985 Technical Co-operation with Toledo transducers Inc(USA).
T.Komori was honored by Government of Japan
Medals of Honor “Blue Ribbon”RANJYU HOSHO.
1991 Increase Capital to 15 Million yen.
1997 New President Masahiro Komori.
1998 PSDI Approval, as a first inventor.
1999 Masahiro Komori was honored by Labor Minister Prize “KOURO SHO”.

2000  Headquarter moved to Koshigaya-city.
2001 To develop and reconstructing CNC Crank Press was honored by Mitsui-Sumitomo Venture Fund and Asahi foundation 
2005 T.Komori perished.
2006  New President Akihiko Komori
2007  Certificated ISO9001:2000
2008 Masahiro Komori was honored by Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Prize “KOUSEKI- SHO”.
2009 Technical Co-operation with NUOVA ELETTRONICA s.n.c and REER Co.,Ltd.
2011 Sales Co-operation with K.A.Schmersal GmbH (Germany).