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Block Guard Safety Fence



▼Aluminum safety fence, it is lightweight and excellent in processability.
   Flexible adaptation to layout changes after assembly is completed.
▼ Alumite frame standard specification:
    Standard adoption of dangerous color and yellow which can be seen at a glance.
▼ H2100 × W1024 panel standard specification Height, width can also be selected
▼ Thickness 3 mm panel adopted
     Mesh panel, clear panel, aluminum composite plate, color adopting panel,
     Panels that can withstand heat and workability, can select panels according to          the environment. 
▼ Easy to connect with one clip " Clip type Connection method "adopted
▼ Enhancement of options such as sliding door, hinged door, double-sided opening,     sliding door etc.
▼ Anodized paint excellent in rust prevention, drip proof, insulating property.
▼ Rugged Flexible design with parts such as opening doors and casters
▼ Conform to JIS Safety Standards
▼ Many delivery results to major automobile manufacturers


Basic Module


Door System



Panel System and Parts