Best Sales Product

Better Response and High Performance
LightCurtain EOS

1.20mm beam pitch , 8-75 optical axis,
140-1480@detection hight available.
2.10type line up.
3.No blind area on one side.
4.28×30mm@conpact body
5.Operating temperuture range -10 to 55Ž.
6.Responce time (Sensor+Controlbox) 20-30msec.
7.Protection rate IP65
8. Built in Self-check Circuit included.

 Japanese Autholized Number     TA376



Load controller

Quality Assurance
Good for Total cost down

1. Fine Data file for ISO 9000 quality Assurance.ISO 9000
2. Minum forming mistakes for parts quality
3. Longer Die life and overhaul timing
4. Shorter setup time and easy decision for
forming conditions
5. Easy to see and record Waveform
6. Enveloping Mode available



Air Conveyer


Good for Scrap ejection !!
Install air conveyer instead of Belt conveyer

1. Can install for small and tiny space, better than belt  
2. No Electricity required, Only small air pressure needed
3. Easy maintenance and multiple usage to exchanging tray
4. 3 types available according to weight
from 12KG to 100KG


SM Series