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Load Controller

Two or four channel display, plus total
Independent left& right, high & low setpoint
Displays tonnage & deviation from benchmark
Automatic set points based ib benchmark tonnage
Press overload protection at all the times.
RS485/232 serial port
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Load controller

Two, four or eight channel display and total tonnage
Signature analysis and critical curve monitoring option
Slide tonnage isolation (STI) for double action press
N268-TFP for 2 bay transfer press
RS485/232 serial port
Part number and downtime codes for production
catalogue No.
N2 10908020

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Load controller

Display total tonnage
Excellent electrical noise rejection
Automatic set point
High and low setpoint display switch
One or two sensor inputs
Analog output jacks
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Load controller
High performance and low cost
Easy visible bar graph & digital display
Automatically sets benchmark tonnage
Percent of benchmark set points
Percent of capacity set points
target tonnage indicator light
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N5 10908020

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Auto cell
Built-in instrumentation for measuring dynamic tonnage
Digital tonnage display for accuracy
Automatic update on each stroke
Automatic shut-off after 5 minutes idle
Automatic zero adjustment
Built-in circuits assure correct balance
catalog No.
CELL 10037020

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