Laser Beam Safety Device for Press Brake


KOMORI Laser Beam Finger Detector for Press Brake detects finger at the dangerous area by one laser beam axis.

By interrupting the beam between Sender and Receiver,Safety Relay in the Control-box sends the
signal to the Stop circuit in Press Brake .

Set laser axis 2-3mm above the front surface of the materials.

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By interrupting the beam during high Speed position,Slide stops, Laser detection system mutes
during Low speed position.
So you can bend materials or do smooth operation without Machine shut down even if it interrupts laser beam.
*Motion is different by Hydraulic circuit,contact to KOMORI Safety.
Optional Beam Bypass Circuit system is ready.
If Slide stops by interrupting the beam during high Speed position,
it is release press stop system by pushing Reset Button on the Reset box.


Detection : percolation
Detection Distance : 20m
Detection object : Overφ4mm unclarity Object
Responce Time : Under20msec  
Power : AC100〜200V
Emission Safety Categoly: Class2
Wave length of Photo transmitter: Red Semiconductor material Laser(670nm)
Output Relay : 3 A max
System Changing : Sink Current100mA(DC30V)MAX
Illuminance :  below 5,000lux
temperature : −10℃〜+40℃