Safety Light Curtain EOS
EOS Series

EOS2 is an important development in the field ofoptoelectronic safety light curtains.
Innovative features include:

1.20mm beam pitch , 8-75 optical axis,
140-1480 detection hight available.
2.10type line up.
3.No blind area on one side.
4.28×30mm conpact body
5.Operating temperuture range -10 to 55℃.
6.Responce time (Sensor+Controlbox) 20-30msec.
7.Protection rate IP65
8. Built in Self-check Circuit included.
9.TA376Authorized by Japanese Ministry of
Health ,Labor and Welfare,
10.Type2 Authorisation of TUV



Minimal blind area on connector side

No blind area on one side The light curtain is on a work surface .The nominal resolution is always mantained Fingers and hands are always detected and protected Enable to connect
1〜2 Aux.axis
Two L-mounted light curtains
maintain 40 mmresolution in the corner
(models with resolution 30 and 40 mm)

Emitter LED

Receiver LED