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Touch Start Two Hand control



Touch start is a capacitive touch switch for two handed operation.

It is optimal for safe press work by using it as an operation switch with dangerous work such as press machine and cutting machine.
Compared with conventional push button switch, it can operate with weak force and can reduce the workload of workers.Also, unlike ordinary proximity switches, it is designed to respond to the capacity of human hands, and also has built-in malfunction prevention function against noise.


Despite the troublesome two-hand operation, no burden is imposed on the operator. Since it is possible to operate with a weak force,
It also contributes to the prevention of occupational diseases such as aroma caused by repetitive operation of push button switches.

"Touch start" was granted as exemption under Article 52 of Japan's Power Press Machinery Structure Standards and Article 30 of the press machine or shear safety equipment structural standard.


Approximately 4 kg force is required to push the two-handed push button of the press machine once.This weight gives the operator a considerable burden.
If you hold down the button all day,Fatigue accumulates and the work efficiency drops remarkably. 
Also, it causes overwork, tenosynovitis, back pain and so on, its fatigue makes  the operator reduce  attention and  causes serious accidents due to careless mistake.
"Touch start", which allows you to activate the press with light touch, realizes safe operation by reducing fatigue compared to conventional two-handed push buttons.


With the conventional two-handed operation switch
A great force was needed to activate the press.
Touch start, push button with a weak force
You can activate the press just by touching.

installed example




  Specification of Touch start inside  mojule  
 Type  TS10  TS20
 Voltage AC120V ± 10% DC24V ± 10%
 LED Light On (Switch ON)
 Power consumption 40mA
 contact rating AC250V 1A/DC90V 1A
 Auxiliary contact NO×1 
 Safety contact NO×1
 Mechanical life over 50million times
 Electrical life  over 50million times (50VA)
 Maximum response time ON: under 60ms / OFF: under 80ms 
 Allowable temperature range -20 ~ +50℃
 Allowable relative humidity range 99% 以下
 Vibration resistance 60Hz 1mm Swing width acceleration under10G
 Impact resistance  Over 2ms 45G 
Noise tolerance 2000V burst Noise、 500V spike Noize、8000V 
 Resistance to welding AC/DC 50KA
 Protective structure IP64
 Resistance to electricity (sine wave) 2V/m
 Housing material GE Valox 310SE0
 weight 320g